A compound international affairs research and decision-making advisory institute

There is a high-quality team of consultants and analysts in ANPAI Strategic Consulting, who are experienced in politics, economy, finance, trade, science and technology, cyber, energy, environmental protection, etc. Based on that, we provide professional and unique intelligent consulting services.


Business Consulting

We understand your business, and we provide support on acquisition, growth, strategy, communication, reputation management, etc. Our consulting team are former CEOs, COOs, chief consultants, and Communication directors. We assist you in seizing every opportunity and overcoming every obstacle.

Media Communication

We are dedicated to conceiving, testing, perfecting every message, and delivering it in a deliberate and meaningful way. Our way of communication is always personalized and tailored to your specific needs. We have developed a comprehensive media strategy and committed to every aspect of the media publicity campaign to ensure your story break through the hustle and bustle of fast-paced news cycles. We will never rest before your story is told and succeed.

Risk Management

Some risks can be foreseen, though most cannot.No matter from time or context, risks test an organization strongly and fundamentally. The response to risks should be fast. The plan should be deliberate. The actions should be clean and confident. We thrive by offering strategic consulting and participating in the process. The response and plan should be flexible and adaptable. All risks are unique, and every strategy should be adjusted professionally to the immediate problem.

Global Affairs

ANPAI advises on foreign policy, public affairs, media, and politics. We are the reservoir of such knowledge, and we are the master of delivering the exact message to the right audience in the most effective way. ANPAI global affairs team has the competence to cooperate with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international corporations on behalf of your interest. We possess the professional skill-set, knowledge, and broad network to offer you extensive public affairs contact and reasonable suggestions. We know how to face risks calmly and wisely and how to seize every opportunity to benefit you.

Public Relations

At ANPAI, our culture is driven by the concept that your success measures our success. Our mission is to push forward our work for your interest. We start by understanding your problem or target, and then we cooperate and formulate effective strategies with you. In the end, we achieve your desired result utilizing our network. We take pride in handling highly-risky and complicated topics.


Ten-year Experience Makes Professional Consulting Services of International Strategy

ANPAI Strategic Consulting is a compound international affairs research and decision-making advisory institute, with its business covering international relations, geopolitics, international economy, etc. We have won high approval from our Asian clients through our professional team, smooth information channels, and deep understanding of local policy.

At ANPAI, we are the innovator, government relations expert, strategic thinker, business advisor, reputation booster, and problem solver. We specialize in dealing with complex international business issues with global impact.

Our methods are private and considerate - clients only cooperate with our most professional responsible person on various issues and get successful results with the best quality. We are here to help you solve problems and overcome obstacles.

At ANPAI, we do not believe in accidents. We highlight effective planning, which brings a reasonable strategy. We create favorable results for our clients through debates on public policy and analysis of business prospects.

Service Features

ANPAI Strategic Consulting has a sound business management system to ensure project quality and customer interests:

  • Multi-level verifying system
  • External expert advising system
  • Cooperation partners consulting system
  • Tripartite discussion system
  • Feedback tracking system

With a long-term training mechanism, ANPAI Strategic Consulting ensure that the consultants are with forward-looking vision and innovative thinking.

With an average of more than 10 years of experience, all the core members in our team have work experience in government research institutions, large corporations, and major universities.
To provide better strategic consulting services, we have heavyweight partners in governments, enterprises, and academic institutions for intelligence upgrading and resource sharing in cross-field cooperation.
We have a sound business management system to ensure project quality and customer interests, including multi-level verifying system, external expert advising system, cooperation partners consulting system, tripartite discussion system, and feedback tracking system.

Analyze the Global Situation
Formulate the Best Strategy


A senior and efficient team

Sizhe Li
23 years

Sizhe Li is the founder of ANPAI Strategic Consulting. He has over 23 years of experience in international development and cooperation. He specializes in project design, evaluation, and monitoring. He has a double master’s degree in Law and Management.

Bartel Gao
16 years

Bartel Gao has nearly 16 years of experience in project team management, business management, and consulting. He is comfortable cooperating with different races, cultures, and professional backgrounds. His experience spans Asia, America, and many countries on the Mediterranean coast. He is in charge of international trade, industry cooperation, international investment, SME development, and marketing & market research-related projects.

Michelle Zhang
22 years

Michelle Zhang has over 22 years of work experience. She is dedicated to analyzing emerging problems and developing market development strategies. She focuses on analyzing data and trends, interpreting and tracking trends, and evaluating the influence of these trends on clients. She creates solutions based on clients’ specific needs and is prepared for dealing with problems and avoiding problems for clients.

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